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The mischievous fairy who causes trouble is
a) Hippolyta.
b) Quince.
c) Flute.
d) Puck.

_______ plays Thisbe in the play Pyramus in Thisbe.
a) Hippolyta
b) Quince
c) Flute
d) Egeus

The father of Hermia is
a) Quince.
b) Puck.
c) Flute.
d) Egeus.

The Amazonian princess who becomes the duchess of Athens is
a) Hippolyta.
b) Quince.
c) Flute.
d) Egeus.

_______ organizes and directs the play Pyramus and Thisbe.
a) Hippolyta
b) Quince
c) Puck
d) Egeus

What type of play is A Midsummer Night's Dream?
a) comedy
b) drama
c) tragedy
d) history

Who is Robin Goodfellow?
a) Theseus
b) Snout
c) Puck
d) Helena

Oberon is jealous of Titania because
a) he wants her servant boy.
b) he thinks she's better looking than him.
c) she is a better fairy than he is.
d) she is smarter than he is.

In the woods, Hermia does not want to sleep next to Lysander because
a) he smells bad.
b) she doesn't love him.
c) she has decided to marry Demetrius.
d) they are not married yet.

When Hermia dreams about a snake eating her heart, this is symbolic of
a) the fact that Lysander no longer loves her.
b) heartburn.
c) her disobedience of her father.
d) her fear of snakes.

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