Roman Empire Question Preview (ID: 38361)

TN 7.1, 7.2.

Roman statues were less realistic than those of the Greeks.
a) True
b) False

Mosais were created from heavy woven fabrics with colorful embroidery.
a) True
b) False

The fall of Rome began with poor leadership, attacks by invaders, and _.
a) a declining economy
b) an evil emperor
c) an overabundance of food
d) earthquakes

When it was first established, the city of Constantinople _.
a) a resembled other cities in the Roman Empire
b) showed a great influence by Greek culture.
c) was much like an Egyptian city.
d) displayed many Persian influences.

When Justinian became emperor, he realized that the empire's laws were _.
a) disorganized and confusing.
b) not detailed enough.
c) outdated.
d) too limiting.

Theodosius decided to do what after his death?
a) be buried in Rome
b) have the Roman Empire divided
c) move the capital city to Sicily
d) publish his autobiography

The new capital of the Roman Empire was Constantinople, which was formerly the city of _.
a) Alexandria
b) Byzantium
c) Carthage
d) Rome

The Byzantine military conquered territories once part of the Roman Empire that included _.
a) Britain and Gaul
b) China and India
c) Egypt and Syria
d) Italy, Spain, and Northern Africa

The Visigoths warred with which other invading tribe?
a) Etruscans
b) Greeks
c) Huns
d) Philistines

The Byzantine civilization had a culture that was mainly derived from _.
a) the Greeks
b) the Romans
c) various Asian civilizations
d) a blend of several cultures

As Roman emperor, who moved the empire's capital to Constantinople?
a) Alaric
b) Constantine
c) Diocletian
d) Theodosius

What happened after the Battle of Adrianople?
a) all enslaved people were freed
b) more Germanic tribes attacked Rome
c) the Anglo-Saxons revolted
d) the Mongols overran the empire

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