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Energy Vocabulary.

The combination of both potential and kinetic energy used to do work.
a) Mechanical Energy
b) Electrical Energy
c) Nuclear Energy
d) Chemical Energy

The ability to do work.
a) Energy
b) Work
c) Power
d) Sound

Energy in motion.
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Mechanical
d) Light/Radiant

Energy that is stored.
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Mechanical
d) Sound

Energy caused by an objects vibrations of particles.
a) Electrical
b) Sound
c) Light
d) Mechanical

Energy given off as heat (friction).
a) Thermal/Heat
b) Light
c) Mechanical
d) Sound

The energy stored in chemical bonds.
a) Chemical
b) Mechanical
c) Nuclear
d) Sound

Energy that is caused by the movement of electrons.
a) Electrical
b) Sound
c) Light
d) Potential

Energy stored in atomic nucleus.
a) Nuclear
b) Chemical
c) Kinetic
d) Mechanical

A change in energy from one form of energy to another.
a) Energy Transformation
b) Potential Energy
c) Mechanical Energy
d) Sound Energy

Caused by the vibrations of electrically charged particles.
a) Light/Radiant
b) Sound Energy
c) Mechanical Energy
d) Potential Energy

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed into another form of energy.
a) Law of Conservation of Energy
b) Law of Thermodynamics
c) Law of Nuclear Energy
d) Law of Sound Energy

Potential energy that depends on the height and mass of an object
a) Gravitational Potential Energy
b) Kinetic Energy
c) Sound Energy
d) Light Energy

A mass hanging from a fixed point that is free to swing back and forth
a) Pendulum
b) Car Jack
c) Swagg
d) Fishing rod

A system that cannot exchange energy with its surroundings
a) Closed System
b) Open System

A system in which energy is exchanged with its surroundings.
a) Open System
b) Closed System

The amount of matter in an object
a) Mass
b) Matter
c) Energy

The measurement associated with an object from top-to-bottom.
a) Height
b) Mass
c) Length
d) Weight

The distance traveled divided by the time interval during which the motion occurred
a) Speed
b) Momentum

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