Reading Mastery Review Lessons 1-40 Question Preview (ID: 38346)

Lessons 1-40 Review Reading Mastery.

What are clouds made of?
a) cotton
b) tiny drops of water
c) puffs of air
d) steam

Why do female animals fight in the spring?
a) they don't like each other
b) they are mean
c) to protect their babies
d) they want to find a mate

Which two Alaskan animals are dangerous in the spring?
a) polar bears and killer whales
b) foxes and rabbits
c) tigers and cheetahs
d) lions and tigers

Which 3 animals are cold blooded?
a) hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas
b) horses, cows and pigs
c) cats, dogs and bunnies
d) snakes, lizards and sharks

What kinds of animals lived in the Mesozoic?
a) dogs
b) dinosaurs
c) cats
d) squirrels

Most of the things we use every day were invented after the year...
a) 1600
b) 2017
c) 1800
d) 2020

Choose the three things that were not invented by a person.
a) phones, cars, trains
b) trees, dirt, birds
c) airplanes, bicycles, televisions
d) radios, desks, ice

Which way does melted rock have to flow to come out of a volcano?
a) up
b) down
c) left
d) right

How do you know how many times a hailstone has gone through a cloud?
a) by letting it melt
b) you can't know
c) by watching it go through the cloud
d) by counting it's rings

How many Great Lakes are there?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

How long ago did dinosaurs live on the Earth?
a) one hundred million years ago
b) one year ago
c) one hundred years ago
d) yesterday

The men who invented the first airplane saw a need. What was the need?
a) to study the clouds
b) airplanes are cheaper than cars
c) they thought it was fun to fly
d) to get to places faster

Where are most wild geese born?
a) North America
b) South America
c) Canada
d) Mexico

In which direction do geese fly in the fall?
a) north
b) south
c) east
d) west

What is the first thing you do when you think like an inventor?
a) find a need
b) talk to people
c) make something
d) draw an idea

What is the second thing you do when you think like an inventor?
a) talk to people
b) meet the need
c) take a nap
d) find a problem

What part of the earth gets more heat than any other part of the earth?
a) the poles
b) Nebraksa
c) the equator
d) the oceans

What parts of the earth get less heat than any other parts of the earth?
a) the poles
b) Nebraska
c) the equator
d) the oceans

The heat the earth receives comes from the...
a) moon
b) earth
c) sun
d) clouds

The sun shines...
a) some of the time
b) none of the time
c) all of the time
d) when it feels like it

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