Map 2: Mexico, Central America And The Caribbean Question Preview (ID: 38336)

Countries And Capitals.

The capital of Mexico is...
a) Mexico D.F.
b) Lima
c) Santo Domingo
d) Buenos Aires

The capital of Guatemala is...
a) San José
b) Havana
c) Guatemala
d) Santiago

The capital of Honduras is...
a) San Salvador
b) Caracas
c) San Juan
d) Tegucigalpa

The capital of El Salvador is...
a) San Juan
b) San Salvador
c) Santiago
d) San José

The capital of Nicaragua is...
a) Santo Domingo
b) La Paz
c) Managua
d) Montevideo

The capital of Costa Rica is...
a) San José
b) San Juan
c) Santo Domingo
d) Santiago

The capital of Panama is...
a) Guatemala
b) Bogota
c) Panama
d) Asunción

The capital of Cuba is...
a) San Juan
b) Lima
c) Quito
d) Havana

The capital of Dominican Republic is...
a) San Juan
b) San José
c) Montevideo
d) Santo Domingo

The capital of Puerto Rico is...
a) Lima
b) San Juan
c) Bogota
d) San José

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