Reconstruction 5-1.1 Question Preview (ID: 38325)

Reconstruction 5-1.1.

President of the United States during the Civil War who was assassinated soon after
a) Radical Republicans
b) Radical Republicans
c) Black Codes
d) Abraham Lincoln

the rebuilding and healing of the United States after the Civil War
a) agenda
b) Reconstruction
c) Radical Republicans
d) assassination

the murder of a political leader
a) Black Codes
b) Reconstruction
c) rights of freedmen
d) assassination

the underlying intentions or motives of a person or a group
a) rights of freedmen
b) agenda
c) Radical Republicans
d) Black Codes

the majority group in Congress that sought to punish the South during Reconstruction
a) assassination
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) agenda
d) Radical Republicans

the civil rights freed slaves should have been able to exercise
a) Reconstruction
b) Radical Republicans
c) rights of freedmen
d) assassination

laws that limited the rights of freed slaves after the Civil War
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Reconstruction
c) Radical Republicans
d) Black Codes

What effect did Black Codes have on African Americans?
a) They made African American lives much the same as they had been under slavery.
b) They made life much better for African Americans than it had been in the past.
c) They made plantation owners the slaves to African Americans.
d) They encouraged African American men to vote along with their former plantation owners.

Which of the following best describes the South’s economy at the beginning of Reconstruction?
a) It was wealthy because of factories.
b) It was wealthy because of crops.
c) It was hurt by the war and the end of slavery.
d) It improved the lives of freedmen.

Which of the following was not an aim of Reconstruction of Congress?
a) to end slavery in the United States
b) to encourage Southern states to write new constitutions
c) to keep African Americans in a position of inferiority (being “less than” whites)
d) to guarantee equal rights for African Americans

Which of the following would many Southern white people be working towards?
a) guaranteeing equal rights for African Americans
b) intimidating former slaves and keep them in positions of inferiority
c) giving every African American “40 acres and a mule”
d) recognizing and following the 14th Amendment

Which of the following describes why many Southerners were unhappy with the course Reconstruction was taking?
a) They thought African Americans should have more rights.
b) They didn’t like that the North still had slavery.
c) They wanted all of their Confederate leaders removed from office.
d) They didn’t like the new opportunities given to African Americans.

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