Unit 1 Middle East Geography-STUDY GUIDE Question Preview (ID: 38304)

Middle East Geography Study Guide.

How has the use of chemical fertilizers affected water supplies in many countries in the Middle East?
a) Water has been contaminated by the chemicals through runoff from the fields.
b) Chemicals are too expensive for people to use
c) Chemical fertilizers are not a problem to water supplies
d) Chemical fertilizers are used by everyone and pose no problems

What is one problems chemical fertilizers cause for farmers?
a) Build up of salt
b) The fertilizer is too expensive
c) The fertilizer damages the soil
d) There is a build up of pollution in the soil

Which river does Turkey Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait share?
a) Tigris River
b) Jordan River
c) Nile River
d) Euphrates River

Which river does Syria, Israel, and Jordan Share
a) Euphrates River
b) Tigris River
c) Jordan River
d) Nile River

Dams built along the rivers have caused problems for people living further downstream because?
a) Less water comes down the river to those people once the dam is built
b) People are polluting the river
c) Ships cannot use the river
d) Schools and business cannot use the water

People living along the rivers of the Middle east have built canals, qantas, and water wheels to use the water for?
a) Getting water for schools
b) Getting water for factories
c) Getting water for their house
d) Getting water for Irrigation

The major rivers in the Middle East have become political issues because?
a) They are polluted
b) The rivers are used as physical boundaries for countries
c) There is a limited amount and everyone needs to be able to use the water and have access to water
d) Ships use them and pollute the river.

Because mountains block winds coming from the oceans, much of the interior of the Middle East is?
a) Mild
b) Forest
c) Desert
d) Hot and Arid

Which describes the climate of must of the Middle East?
a) Hot and dry
b) Mild
c) Temperate
d) Moderate

The Bedouins are in the Middle East have traditionally lived in and around?
a) major deserts
b) major cities
c) major industries
d) major religious sites

People living in the deserts in the Middle East have usually made their living by?
a) Selling property
b) Trading animals and handmade goods
c) Industry
d) Farming

How have the major rivers of the Middle East become part of political conflict?
a) Countries have taken all the water and have left nothing for people living downstream
b) Countries have used other sources of water and have stayed away from conflict.
c) Countries have built dams along the river and that has cut off supply to countries and people living downstream
d) Countries have had other conflicts and do not worry about water.

Many of the largest cities in the Middle East are located on or near?
a) major cities
b) major physical features
c) major rivers
d) major religious sites

Why is desalination and drip irrigation not used more in the Middle East?
a) The technology is very expensive and oil money funds the technology
b) There is enough fresh water
c) There is enough rain
d) The technology is not reliable

Which do Kurds share as part of their ethnic group?
a) Only religion
b) Language, religion, culture
c) Only Language
d) Land

What are the three main religions of the Middle East?
a) Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
b) Islam, Judaism, Buddhism
c) There are not three religions in the Middle East
d) Christianity, Islam, Judaism

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