Metric Prefixes And Base Units Question Preview (ID: 38299)

Metric Base Units, Prefixes, Abbreviations, And Values.

value of the prefix hecto
a) 100
b) 1/100
c) 10
d) 1/10

Value of the prefix deca
a) 10
b) 1/10
c) 100
d) 1/100

value of the prefix centi
a) 1/100
b) 100
c) 10
d) 1/10

value of the prefix deci
a) 1/10
b) 10
c) 1/100
d) 100

value of the prefix milli
a) 1/1000
b) 1/100
c) 100
d) 1000

base unit for volume
a) liter
b) mass
c) meter
d) second

base unit for mass
a) gram
b) meter
c) liter
d) second

Base Unit for Length
a) meter
b) liter
c) gram
d) second

value of the prefix kilo
a) 1000
b) 1/100
c) 1/1000
d) 100

abbreviation for millimeter
a) mm
b) m
c) mim
d) mmi

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