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The measurement of the force of gravity on an object is the object's
a) mass
b) weight
c) density
d) volume

The force that one surface exerts on another when the 2 rub against each other is called
a) acceleration
b) inertia
c) friction
d) gravity

The energy that produces ocean waves comes from
a) the rise and fall of tides
b) rivers flowing into the ocean
c) wind blowing across the water's surface
d) rock falling into the ocean along the shore

The amount of matter in an object is called its
a) inertia
b) mass
c) weight
d) force

A push or a pull is called a(n)
a) inertia
b) motion
c) acceleration
d) force

Mass movement is caused by
a) plucking and abrasion
b) weight
c) gravity
d) erosion and deposition

What happens as gravity pulls water down a slope?
a) mechanical weathering
b) kinetic energy changes to potential energy
c) both kinetic and potential energy disappear
d) Potential energy changes to kinetic energy.

How would you calculate the density of an object?
a) Divide its weight by its volume
b) Divide its mass by its volume
c) Multiply its volume time its mass
d) Multiply its weight times its mass.

The resistance of an object to any change in its motion is called
a) inertia
b) direction
c) weight
d) force

A stone will sink in water because
a) it is very heavy
b) its density is less than that of water
c) it has a small buoyant force on it
d) its density is greater than that of water

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