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A chemical reaction that absorbs energy in the form of heat is
a) endothermic
b) exothermic
c) combustion
d) unbalanced

A measure of how well a solute can dissolve in a solvent at a given temperature is that substance's
a) saturation point
b) concentration
c) combustion
d) solubility

Which of the following does NOT increase the # of particles if a substance available to react in a chemical reaction?
a) increasing the concentration
b) increasing the surface area
c) adding a catalyst
d) increasing the mass

A characteristic property that can help tell similar liquids apart is
a) hardness
b) melting point
c) freezing point
d) boiling point

A bottle of hydrogen peroxide that eventually turns into a bottle of water and oxygen gas is an example of a
a) synthesis reaction
b) decomposition reaction
c) replacement reaction
d) precipitate reaction

A substance that tastes bitter, turns red litmus paper blue and feels slippery is
a) neutral
b) an acid
c) a base
d) an indicator

What is the smallest part of an element?
a) atom
b) molecule
c) compound
d) mixture

How is a solute different from a solvent in a solution?
a) The solute is present in a greater amount
b) The solute is present in a smaller amount
c) The solute is a solid and the solvent is a liquid
d) The solute is a liquid and the solvent is a gas

Which type of matter consists of 2 or more substances that are NOT chemically combined?
a) compounds
b) mixture
c) elements
d) pure substances

How do liquid water, ice, and water vapor differ from each other?
a) They are different states of matter
b) They are different compounds
c) They are made of different kinds of molecules
d) They are made of different kinds of atoms.

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