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Which organ filters urea and excess water from blood?
a) lungs
b) skin
c) heart
d) kidney

What is the main function of the excretory system?
a) To filter blood
b) To collect and get rid of waste
c) To protect the nervous system
d) to bring oxygen and nutrients to body cells

Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?
a) ureter
b) kidney
c) urethra
d) bladder

Which tube does urine exit the body from?
a) nephrons
b) ureter
c) urethra
d) alveoli

Tiny filtering structures where urine is produced in the kidneys are called
a) nephrons
b) alveoli
c) ureter
d) bronchi

Which excretory organ eleminates urine and water in perspiration?
a) lungs
b) skin
c) kidney
d) liver

What organ of the excretory system eliminates carbond dioxide waste from the body?
a) lungs
b) kidney
c) skin
d) pancreas

The chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins is
a) carbon dioxide
b) urea
c) water
d) carbohydrates

Normal urine contains both
a) water and carbon monoxide
b) urea and proteins
c) urea and water
d) water and large amounts of glucose

What brings the carbon dioxide waste to the lungs from the cells?
a) water
b) air
c) blood
d) nephrons

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