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The testes produce
a) sperm and eggs
b) eggs and estrogen
c) sperm and testosterone
d) estrogen and testosterone

Which of the following structure is formed when fertilization occurs?
a) ovary
b) egg
c) sperm
d) zygote

A mature egg is released from the ovary in a process called
a) fertilation
b) menstruation
c) ovulation
d) spermatogenesis

Eggs are produced in the
a) ovary
b) testes
c) uterus
d) vagina

The mix of sperm cells and fluids is called
a) sperm
b) eggs
c) glands
d) semen

The process by which living things produce new individuals of the same type is
a) fertilization
b) reproduction
c) ovulation
d) menstruation

In humans, fertilization usually occurs in the
a) uterus
b) oviduct
c) testes
d) ovary

Identical twins occurs when
a) two eggs are fertilized by 2 sperm
b) One egg is fertilized by 2 sperm
c) Two eggs are fertilized by one sperm, then split into 4
d) one egg is fertilized by one sperm, then splits into 2

Once an egg is fertilize, the zygote moves here to develop and grow:
a) uterus
b) ovary
c) embryo
d) oviduct

This hormone is in charge of female development and egg development
a) testosterone
b) insulin
c) estrogen
d) glucagon

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