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Which president approved the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Andrew Jackson
c) George Washington
d) John Adams

Which was the first president to veto many bills during his presidency?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) James Monroe
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Abraham Lincoln

President Monroe presented the Monroe Doctrine. This doctrine
a) warned European powers not to interfere with the Americas
b) told Mexico that the United States wanted to annex Texas
c) told Britain of new trading policies
d) gave away Native American lands

Who favored a loose interpretation of the Constitution and a national bank
a) Jane Adams
b) Ben Franklin
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Andrew Johnson

Who was president during Shay's Rebellion, that led to revising the Articles of Confederation?
a) John Adams
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Thomlas Jefferson
d) George Washington

Who was president during the Cherokee's Trail of Tears?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Andrew Johnson
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) James Monroe

Who fought and died at the Alamo?
a) Davy Crocket
b) Jim Bowie
c) William Travis
d) all of the above

From South Carolina, who was a leading speaker FOR the states' rights doctrine?
a) John C. Calhoun
b) Daniel Webster
c) Ben Franklin
d) Stephen Douglas

Who was a former slave and abolitionist who spoke out against slavery and for the Union?
a) David Farragut
b) Stephen Douglas
c) Ralph Waldo Emerson
d) Frederick Douglass

James Madison, George Washington, Ben Frankliln, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were all
a) Loyalists, or Tories
b) strict constitutionalists
c) anti-Federalists
d) Federalists

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