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What part of the neuron carries nerve impulses away from the cell body?
a) dendrite
b) cell body
c) axon
d) synapse

what is the space between an axon and the next structure?
a) axon
b) synapse
c) dendrite
d) nucleus

In a reflex skeletal muscles react without the involvement of the
a) motor neurons
b) sensory neurons
c) spinal cord
d) the brain

A motor neuron sends an impulse to
a) interneuron
b) the brain
c) muscle
d) spinal cord

The brain and spinal cord make up the
a) peripheral nervous system
b) central nervous system
c) somatic nervous system
d) autonomic nervous system

A bruiselike injury to the brain is called a
a) concussion
b) abrasion
c) paralysis
d) stimulant

The endocrine system acts on the body through chemical products called
a) blood
b) saliva
c) hormones
d) target cells

The endocrine system
a) does not begin to function until puberty
b) controls body activities through reflexes and nerves
c) produces chemicals that travel to locations through tiny tubes
d) control both daily activities and long-term changes through hormones

The sense organs send information about the environment to the
a) interneurons
b) autonomic nervous system
c) brain
d) hormones

Why do hormones cause changes only in specific body organs?
a) A hormone is carried to a specific location through tiny tubes
b) A hormone is produced only where it is needed.
c) A hormone works only through negative feedback.
d) A hormone interacts only with target cells, which fit together with that hormone.

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