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Why were the gates of Jericho tightly shut?
a) The people of Jericho were afraid of disease.
b) The people were did not want to trade with other cities.
c) The people did not want others seeing their wealth.
d) The people were afraid of the Israelites

What happened to Rehab and her family after the walls collapsed?
a) They were all killed.
b) They fought in the battle.
c) They dug underground and waited until the fighting was over.
d) They were moved to a safe place.

What happened to the walls of Jericho when the people shouted?
a) The walls grew taller
b) The walls exploded
c) The walls collapsed
d) Nothing changed about the walls

What did Rehab do to help the fall of Jericho?
a) She sent messages to the neighboring town
b) She fought the warriors
c) Protected the spies
d) She made the battle plans

What happened to the gold, silver, bronze or iron?
a) They were kept for the treasury of the LORD’s house
b) They were melted into a Golden Calf
c) They were used for wedding rings
d) They went to the town's tax collectors

What was carried around the town each day?
a) A cow to sacrifice
b) Ark of the LORD’S Covenant
c) Water from the Jordan River
d) A golden calf

What is each priest carrying?
a) A sandwich
b) A golden calf
c) A Ram’s horn
d) An Arc of the LORD's Covenant

What do the people do when they hear one long blast of the ram’s horn?
a) The people are silent
b) The people run to the river
c) The people run the walls of Jericho
d) The people shout as loud as they can

How many priest(s) will walk ahead of the ark?
a) One
b) Two
c) Six
d) Seven

How many days did they circle once around Jericho?
a) One day
b) Two days
c) Six days
d) Seven days

How many times a day should Joshua and his men march around Jericho on days 1-6?
a) once
b) twice
c) six times
d) seven times

What river will the Israelites be traveling across?
a) Euphrates River
b) Tigris River
c) Jordan River
d) Khabur River

Fill in the blank. Be strong and _____________, for you are the one who will lead these people.
a) brave
b) funny
c) skillful
d) courageous

What group of people was Joshua leading?
a) Egyptians
b) Philistines
c) Israelites
d) Samaritans

What was Joshua’s job under Moses?
a) Joshua was a shepherd
b) Joshua was the cook
c) Joshua was the assistant to Moses
d) Joshua was the messenger

Who was leading the Israelites across the Jordan River to the promised land before Joshua took over?
a) Abraham
b) Moses
c) Adam
d) Isaac

Who gave Joshua the plan?
a) Abraham
b) Cain
c) The LORD
d) An angel

What type horn did each priest have?
a) Goat's horn
b) Bull's horn
c) Ram’s horn
d) Unicorn's horn

What ultimately caused the walls of Jericho to fall down?
a) Joshua's strength
b) An earthquake
c) Power from God
d) The vibrations caused by the instruments

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