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What is Creative Writing used for ?
a) Any writing - example novels / resumes / short stories / fiction writing.
b) Any writing , say for example, complaint letter / letter to the forum / letter to your boss.
c) Any sad or disastrous piece of writing.
d) Any comedic writing.

What is the most important ingredient in Creative Writing ?
a) Jokes
b) Autobiographies
c) True Stories
d) Imagination

What are Sensory Details ?
a) Details that require common sense.
b) Details that involve your 5 senses - sight / hearing / taste / feel and smell.
c) Details that involve sense and sensibility.
d) Details that involve your sight.

Describe a simple writing technique .
a) choose a topic / decide on your details / write
b) Choose an interesting topic / create a list to support your topic / prioritize your list & write
c) choose a topic u like / create your details / publish
d) choose an interesting topic / create your settings / write only once & publish.

How to create an interesting setting ?
a) Choose a scene / think very hard / write what you had thought about.
b) Choose a scene / Do lots of Research / Write what u had researched about.
c) Choose a scene / Discuss / Write everything u discussed.
d) Choose a scene / Visualise / Write what u had visualised.

How would you add character ?
a) Invent as many interesting stories filled with humour.
b) Incorporate very sad stories
c) Focus on a person, add such details as what that person would do or feel.
d) Focus on a person's life story - the more disastrous the better.

What else should be added to a story to capture the reader's interest ?
a) Moods - Laughter, Sadness and Humour or anything that will add to a reader's imagination.
b) Craziness and Chaos.
c) Tragedy and Murder.
d) Birth, LIfe and Mishaps.

Is a second setting or character necessary to the plot of the story ?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe
d) Don't Know

Are many draft copies allowed before the actual story can be written ?
a) I Don't Know
b) Maybe
c) No
d) Yes

What are Literary Tools ?
a) Tools that allows us to have fun.
b) Literary tools are language devices that help you write better and creatively.
c) Tools that help us get in touch with our emotions.
d) Tools that help us sleep better at night.

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