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What do planets, asteroids, and comets have in common?
a) They produce their own light.
b) They are in our solar system.
c) They travel around the sun in the same exact amount of time.
d) They revolve at the same rate.

Which planet is between Earth and Jupiter?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Saturn

Which planets are considered a Gaseous Planet?
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Uranus

Which planet is NOT considered a Terrestrial Planet?
a) Neptune
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Venus

How long is Earth's rotation on its axis?
a) 365 days
b) 24 hours
c) 2 days
d) 1 year

Which objects revolves around a planet?
a) comet
b) asteroids
c) moon
d) star

Earth is located between these two planets:
a) Mars and Venus
b) Mercury and Venus
c) Mars and Saturn
d) Jupiter and Uranus

Why is the gravity on the moon less than gravity on Earth?
a) Earth has more atmosphere than the moon.
b) The Earth is closer to the Sun.
c) The mass of the Earth is greater than the mass of the moon.
d) The temperture is greater on Earth.

Which of the objects shine due to reflected light from the Sun?
a) moons
b) planets
c) comets
d) all of these items

Why does it look like the Sun is traveling across the sky during the day?
a) The Earth is rotating on its axis.
b) The Earth is revolving around the Sun.
c) The Sun is moving around the Earth.
d) The Earth is tilted on its axis.

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