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What type of bond occurs between atoms that do not easily lose electrons?
a) metallic bond
b) covalent bond
c) hydrogen bond
d) ionic bonding

What is a bond that forms when electrons are transferred from one atom to another?
a) ionic bond
b) crystal bond
c) electron bond
d) atom bond

What are the charged particles that form when atoms gain or lose electrons?
a) bonds
b) atoms
c) ions
d) valence electrons

If the ending -ide is added to the name of an ion, what do we know about the ion.
a) The ion has a positive charge
b) the ion has a negative charge
c) the ion has a neutral charge
d) the atom lost electrons

What is the name of the three dimensional pattern that forms when ions bond?
a) crystal lattice
b) chemical compound
c) ionic bond
d) ionic lattice

Why can metals bend without breaking?
a) metals contain positively charged ions
b) metals contain constantly moving electrons
c) metals contain ionic bonds
d) metals contain moving ions.

What is the smallest particle into which a covalently bonded compound can be divided and still be the same compound
a) molecule
b) atom
c) electron
d) proton

Which type of element is most likely to gain electrons when it forms bonds?
a) metal
b) metalloid
c) nonmetal
d) noble gas

What is the property that allows metal to be hammered into a very thin foil
a) malleability
b) ductility
c) conductivity
d) brittleness

An ionic bond is the attraction between
a) similarly charged ions
b) oppositely charged ions
c) neutral ions
d) neutral atoms

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