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In problem solving, the process of acting on a solution occurs after:
a) Evaluating the process.
b) Explaining the results.
c) Exploring all possible solutions.
d) Revising the plan.

A workable solution to a clearly defined problem is:
a) Feedback
b) Input
c) Output
d) Process

After acting on the best solution, you should:
a) Act on the next possibility.
b) Attempt to establish the process.
c) Determine the other possible solutions.
d) Look back and evaluate the results.

The best use of any problem solving model ends with:
a) Feedback.
b) Plan revision.
c) Solution revision.
d) The best possible solutions.

Before acting on a solution one should ALWAYS:
a) Establish the solution process.
b) Survey their group members.
c) Examine the results.
d) Explore all possible solutions.

The universal systems model utilizes the following steps:
a) Define, act, explore, and feedback.
b) Input, process, output, and feedback.
c) Look, designate, react, and process
d) Safety, quality, ergonomics, and repair

The term "DEAL" refers to which of the following:
a) Define, explore, act, and lack.
b) Define, explore, act, and look back.
c) Determine, evaluate, answer, and look
d) Determine, explore, act, and look

After you clearly define a problem, you should:
a) Act on a solution.
b) Choose the best solution.
c) Evaluate the solution.
d) Explore all possible solutions.

An electrician has acted on a chosen solution to a problem, what would the next step be?
a) Determine the definition
b) Look back and evaluate the results
c) Return to the feedback loop
d) Review all possible solutions

Evaluation of a solution reveals important new information, which can be used as:
a) Feedback
b) Input
c) Output
d) Process

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