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This Quiz Reviews Safety Practices For Robotics.[print questions]

What safety practice should be observed before powering a robot mechanism on?
a) Ensure robot movement area is clear
b) Check robot is plugged in
c) Check robot for obsolete software
d) Check robot operator knowledge.

When connecting robot batteries what item(s) should you check?
a) All of these should be checked
b) robot power shut off
c) Battery secured so it won't fall off
d) Connection polarity correct

Before picking up small mobile robots what precaution should be undertaken?
a) Ensure robot power is shut off
b) Ensure it is facing towards you
c) Ensure robot looks cool
d) Ensure robot camera gets a selfie of you.

Why must industrial robot operating zones be marked and kept clear?
a) Robots can injure humans and damage the robots.
b) 2 words fast robot
c) So robot can dance
d) To keep productivity high

When planning industrial robot installations what primary safety item should be addressed?
a) Keeping robot operating zones and human pathways seperate.
b) how many hours the robot must work before getting a 10 minute break
c) How fast the robot is
d) How many robots you have

Higher voltage electrical circuits?
a) Require extra attentiveness due to the increased risk from high voltage
b) Provide entertaining explosions and fires when shorted
c) Smell bad when hot
d) Are not dangerous

When working on Electrical circuits you should
a) All of the other answers
b) Ensure electrical connections are correct
c) Observe the one hand rule
d) Only work on live circuits for measurements and adjustments

If a fuse blows on an item you should
a) Replace the fuse with the correct voltage and current rating fuse
b) Replace the fuse with a higher current rating fuse
c) Wrap the old fuse with aluminum foil until a new fuse is obtained
d) Throw the equipment away

The primary reason to keep hands dry when handling power cords is
a) Water makes skin a good conductor and could cause personal shocks
b) Water could damage the cord
c) None of these answers are correct
d) Rust forming on metal surfaces

When making adjustments and maintaining equipment you should
a) Use the correct tools for the task
b) Do it as quickly as possible using whatever is around
c) Adjust it to any setting you want without checking manufacturer information
d) Give-up

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