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Character Trait Vocab From The Year.[print questions]

courageous or brave even in the face of danger or trouble
a) ambitious
b) frivolous
c) bold
d) cunning

watchful or careful of possible danger
a) cautious
b) envious
c) lackadaisical
d) inquisitive

acting in a troublesome way but only for fun, not to cause harm
a) impulsive
b) obstinate
c) mischievous
d) finicky

putting in constant effort towards a goal
a) ambitious
b) diligent
c) gullible
d) conscientious

intending to trick or deceive someone; sly
a) cunning
b) ambitious
c) clever
d) compassionate

modest; not proud; not bragging
a) optimistic
b) compassionate
c) bashful
d) humble

Hopeful about the future
a) optimistic
b) bashful
c) pessimistic
d) resourceful

having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties
a) inquisitive
b) resourceful
c) quarrelsome
d) daring

a) cunning
b) gullible
c) envious
d) lackadaisical

not having much energy or giving much effort
a) tired
b) obstinate
c) lackadaisical
d) sympathetic

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