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Food Contact Surfaces. Three Compartment Sink. Warewashing Machines. Chemical/Hot Water Sanitizing. Cleaning In Place Equipment. Saniter Buckets. General Cleaning. Cleaning Equipment And Chemical Storage.[print questions]

Sanitizing is done to reduce what?
a) Drying time
b) Microorganisms
c) Platelets
d) Dirt particles

Which of the following must be cleaned and sanitized?
a) Utensils
b) Food prep surfaces
c) Clean-in-place equipment
d) All of these

Which of the following are approved for sanitizing food contact surfaces and equipment?
a) Zinc
b) Mercury
c) Chlorine
d) All of these

To prevent _______________of food, cleaning supplies, equipment and chemicals should be stored separately and well away from food, dishes, utensils and food contact surfaces.
a) Contamination
b) Burning
c) Rotting
d) Freezing

The two ways to sanitize surfaces and equipment in food service establishments are with _____________and ____________.
a) Soda and Pop
b) Peanut Butter and Jelly
c) Chemicals and Heat
d) Burger and Fries

______________is the step that removes harmful microorganisms on a food contact surface.
a) Scrubbing
b) Brushing
c) Scratching
d) Sanitizing

_____________involves the removal of food residue, dirt and grease.
a) Dirtying
b) Eating
c) Cleaning
d) Shining

Cleaning and ______________are critical to food safety in food service operations.
a) Painting
b) Putting away
c) Shaving
d) Sanitizing

After sanitizing, dishes should always be ___________dried.
a) Towel
b) Vacuum
c) Speedy
d) Air

Sanitizing is the first step in creating a safe food contact surface.
a) Not sure
b) Yes
c) No
d) Usually

Cleaning involves removing dirt, food residue and____________.
a) Shoes
b) Shirt
c) Apron
d) Grease

Proper three compartment sink cleaning procedures are________________________________________.
a) Pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitize and air dry
b) Wash, rinse sanitize, towel dry
c) Pre-wash, rinse sanitize, towel dry
d) Wash, rinse, air-dry

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