Flow Of Food Question Preview (ID: 38061)

Food Deliveries, Inspection And Storage.

A food thermometer is required for each of the following except_____________
a) When checking in or receiving deliveries
b) When cooling food for overnight storage after a meal period
c) When making a trash run
d) When calibrating a thermometer

When inspecting a produce delivery, which of the following is acceptable?
a) Cut produce at room temperature
b) Produce boxes that are wet and damaged
c) Produce from a foreign country without a label
d) Whole produce in good condition at room temperature

The proper temperature for meat at delivery is__________
a) 212 degrees F
b) 32 degrees F or higher
c) 100 degrees F
d) 41 degrees F or lower

Frozen food should be delivered____________solid.
a) A little
b) Mostly
c) Almost
d) Frozen

When food is stored properly, ready-to-eat foods must be stored___________or away from raw foods.
a) Below
b) Above
c) Beside
d) Inside

FIFO stands for _________________________________________________
a) Found In Funny Onion
b) Ferry In From Oregon
c) First In First Out
d) Future Is Far Out

If food is unsafe when it is received, can it be made safe later?
a) No
b) Sometimes
c) If it looks good, yes.
d) Only on Tuesdays

Reject food when containers are __________, ice crystals are in packaging or on food, signs of pests are present, use-by / expiration dates have passed and when dry goods are damp or wet.
a) Purple
b) Big
c) Sealed
d) Damaged

Fifo is an __________
a) Dog
b) Bacteria
c) Acronym
d) Virus

When is a good time to receive deliveries?
a) During busy periods
b) During lunch
c) During dinner
d) During slow periods (not at lunch).

It is not necessary to label stored food with a date.
a) False
b) True
c) On Mondays
d) On Holidays

The receiving area should be well-lighted, secure and _________
a) Open
b) Clean
c) Dirty
d) Filled with boxes

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