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Which statement is best support by the theory of evolution?
a) Genetic mutations occur every time cell reproduction takes place
b) The fossil record provides samples of every organism that ever lived
c) Few organisms survive when the environment remain constant
d) Populations that have advantageous characteristics will increase in number

The human appendix is an example of a(n)
a) analogous structures
b) homologous structures
c) vestigial structures
d) useful structures

The wings of a bird and insect are examples of
a) analogous structures
b) heterozygous structures
c) homologous structures
d) vestigial structures

Similar bone structures suggest that organisms had a common ancestor are known as
a) analogous structures
b) comparative embryology
c) homologous structures
d) vestigial structures

Darwin's theory of evolution is based on the idea that organisms with favorable variations survive , reproduce and pass these variations on is called:
a) homologous structures
b) law of use and disuse
c) natural selection
d) reproductive isolation

Which of the following has the greatest chance of survival over a long period of environmental changes?
a) small population of mice in a field
b) a large population of flies
c) an endangered population of polar bears
d) one type of bird that only eats seeds

Which of the following is not evidence that organisms shared a common ancestor?
a) comparative anatomy
b) comparative embryology
c) similarities in DNA and amino acid sequences
d) similarities in the environment in which they live

Which of the following can breed with each other and produce fertile offspring?
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) species

The fact that all vertebrates have gill slits, a tail and a spinal cord in the early stage of life is an example of
a) molecular biology
b) comparative embryology
c) genetic mutations
d) geographical variations

Modern day horses evolved from a much smaller organism is shown best by
a) analogous structures
b) comparative anatomy
c) comparative embryology
d) fossil record

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