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What substance is the patient with simple goiter deficient in?
a) aminoacids
b) glucose
c) iodine
d) salt

Insulin is absorbed BEST from this site.
a) Buttocks
b) thighs
c) upper arms
d) Abdomen

Glargine insulin is administered at 7 pm. When will the next dose be administered?
a) In 4 hours
b) The following evening at 7 pm.
c) 1 hour before breakfast
d) In 12 hours

Which insulin should never be mixed in the same syringe with other types of insulin?
a) Ultralente
b) Novalog
c) glargine
d) NPH

Oral hypoglycemics are appropriate for patients with WHICH type of Diabetes?
a) Diabetes Insipidus
b) Type 2 diabetes
c) Type 1 diabetes
d) Juvenile diabetes

Diabetes Mellitis does NOT predispose a patient to this complication?
a) seizures
b) bacterial infections
c) coronary artery disease
d) neuropathy

Which blood test indicates the effectiveness of diabetes therapy for the preceeding 8 to 12 weeks?
a) C-peptide test
b) Serum insulin
c) Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)
d) Glycosylted hemoglobin (HbA1c)

Glucagon is a concentrated sugar source.
a) True
d) False

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus should avoid which foot care regimens? (Choose the BEST answer)
a) Washing feet with soap and warm water.
b) any socks which are not 100% cotton
c) checking for cracks, blisters and foreign objects, especially between toes
d) Foot soaks and powders.

Which signs and symptoms would be observed in a patient with hypoglycemia?
a) sweating, palpitations, altered level of consciousness, and a finger stick value of 82
b) fruity breath, polydipsia, polyphagia & polyuria, nausea and vomiting
c) ketonuria, ketoacidosis, keep respirations, blood ph 7.25,
d) Finger stick level of 49, rapid & shallow respirations, personality changes,altered level of consciousness,

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