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What was a major contribution of the Byzantine Empire?
a) adoption of democratic ideas from Russia
b) spread of humanism and secularism across Europe
c) reunification of eastern and western Christendom
d) preservation of Greek and Roman culture

Which statement about the Gupta Empire is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) India’s strongest leaders came from the Gupta Empire.
b) The Gupta Empire developed advancements in the areas of mathematics and science.
c) The achievements of the Gupta Empire surpassed those of the Tang dynasty in China.
d) Gupta paintings found on the walls of the Ajanta caves were superior to the art produced during the Mauryan Empire.

The Bantu migration is most closely associated with the spread of
a) bureaucratic governments
b) agricultural skills
c) the diamond trade
d) the principles of Sharia

One explanation for the fall of the Roman Empire and of the Han dynasty is that they both
a) refused the aid of foreign mercenaries
b) grew too large to govern their territories effectively
c) banned long-distance trade causing economic strain
d) required devotion to a single religion

Which field of study primarily focuses on governmental powers and the rights of citizens?
a) economics
b) geography
c) archaeology
d) political science

The voyages of Zheng He, development of blue and white porcelain, and the establishment of the Forbidden City are all associated with the
a) Tokugawa shogunate
b) Ming dynasty
c) Axum Kingdom
d) Umayyad dynasty

What influence did the Scientific Revolution have on the Enlightenment in Europe?
a) Natural laws were used to explain human affairs.
b) Economic growth was slowed by the lack of useable technology.
c) Scientific truths were used to justify absolute monarchies.
d) The emphasis on religious doctrine led to the rejection of scientific ideas.

The idea that all people are born with the natural rights of life, liberty, and property is most directly associated with the writings of
a) Baron de Montesquieu
b) Thomas Hobbes
c) Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
d) John Locke

Which statement about Louis XIV is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) He insisted that Huguenots convert to Catholicism.
b) He strengthened the monarchy by centralizing the government.
c) The wars he engaged in were the least successful in the history of France.
d) The palace he built at Versailles was part of his plan for controlling the nobles.

The Spanish encomienda system established in the Spanish colonies of Latin America was most similar to European
a) guild systems
b) joint stock companies
c) subsistence agriculture
d) feudal land grants

Knowledge about trade wind patterns and the ability of sailors to utilize them on the Indian and Atlantic Oceans demonstrate that
a) government monopolies affect trade
b) geography and technology influence economic activity
c) economic concepts dominate the study of transportation
d) laws and customs regulate exchanges across international waters

Which situation was a direct result of the Protestant Reformation in western Europe?
a) The Pope was removed as leader of the Catholic Church
b) The religions of the people of Europe became more diverse.
c) Women assumed leadership in most Christian denominations.
d) European rulers established religious freedom for their subjects.

Throughout Japan’s early history, a major factor contributing to its ability to resist invasion was its
a) island location
b) superior military technology
c) alliances with neighbors on the continent
d) decentralized government structures

The influence of Greek and Roman culture on some Renaissance art is reflected in
a) a realistic portrayal of the human body
b) challenges made to ancient religious ideals
c) the impact of William Shakespeare’s writing in southern Europe
d) competition promoted between northern and southern European artists

Interactions between the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Russia influenced the Russians to
a) recognize the absolute political authority of the Pope
b) adopt Orthodox Christianity
c) call for an alliance with the Muslims
d) terrorize Charlemagne’s empire

One similarity between Confucianism and Christianity is that both belief systems emphasize
a) respecting others
b) praying five times a day
c) converting others to their teachings
d) making pilgrimages to holy shrines

The pyramids of ancient Mesoamerica and the aqueducts of ancient Rome demonstrate that these early civilizations
a) used large wooden structures for protection
b) practiced religious toleration
c) were able to prevent flooding
d) had advanced technology

In a traditional economy, habits, customs, and rituals function as
a) territorial boundaries
b) incentives to change
c) independent theories
d) primary considerations in decision making

The Hellenistic culture, associated with the rule of Alexander the Great, developed as a result of
a) ethnocentrism
b) cultural diffusion
c) direct democracy
d) embargoes

Historians need to determine the authenticity of a source in order to
a) establish its usefulness
b) reinforce popular opinion
c) demonstrate the significance of religious beliefs
d) determine the characteristics of propaganda

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