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Human bone, muscle, and nerve cells all contain the same number of chromosomes with the same complement of genes. What enables these cells to perform specialized activities?
a) the ability of some cells to remove unnecessary DNA sequences
b) the regulation of gene expression within each cell type
c) the mutation of genes within each cell type
d) the use of different methods of cell division

The sequence of nitrogenous bases in DNA varies widely. The sequence of the bases in DNA is most important for which of the following?
a) providing the instructions for the traits of an organism
b) preventing mutations form occurring during DNA replication
c) allowing the DNA to have the shape necessary for replication
d) helping form the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA molecules

In cocker spaniels the allele for a black coat color (B) is dominant over the allele for a brown coat color (b). If a brown cocker spaniel is crossed with a heterozygous black cocker spaniel, which of the following genotypic ratios can be expected?
a) 0BB: 2Bb: 2bb
b) 1BB: 2Bb:1bb
c) 2BB: 0Bb: 2bb
d) 2BB: 1Bb: 0bb

Himalayan rabbits are usually white over their entire bodies. But when parts of their bodies reach temperatures below 35C, a pigment that causes these parts to turn black is produced. Which is most likely the cause of this phenomenon?
a) poor blood circulation
b) infection caused by cold temperatures
c) gene expression that is regulated by temperature
d) a trait that is both sex-linked and hormone-dependent

How does DNA in cells determine an organism’s complex traits?
a) DNA contains codes for proteins, which are necessary for the growth and functioning of an organism
b) DNA separates into long single strands that make up each part of an organism
c) DNA produces the energy an organism needs in order to grow
d) DNA folds into the nucleus of each of the cells of an organism

In humans, the sex in males is determined by the:
a) the presence of two X chromosomes
b) number of chromosomes
c) presence or absence of an X chromosome
d) presence of a Y chromosome

Characteristics such as a widow’s peak or attached earlobes are determined by the genetic code. Which components of DNA are referred to as the genetic code?
a) Phosphate groups
b) Nitrogenous bases
c) Deoxyribose sugars
d) Hydrogen bonds

The fact that a strain of yeast with a certain defective gene can use the human version of the gene to repair itself is evidence that yeast and humans-
a) depend on the same food supply
b) Share a genetic code
c) Both have eukaryotic cells
d) Have identical genomes

Crossing -over between non-sister chromatids during meiosis is significant in heredity. This process most likely leads to an increase in which of the following?
a) the expression of dominant traits
b) number of gametes
c) the occurrence of polyploidy
d) genetic variation

If several pea plants with the genotype TTYy are crossed with pea plants with the genotype Ttyy, what percentage of the offspring will be expected to have the TTYy allele combination?
a) 25%
b) 40%
c) 50%
d) 75%

Nitrogenous bases are located on both strands of the DNA double helix. What is the significance of the nitrogenous bases?
a) The number of adenines and cytosines determines the type of RNA that will be produced
b) the order of nitrogenous bases determines the order of amino acids in the proteins synthesized
c) the amount of thymine and guanine in the DNA molecules determines the length of the genes
d) the type of hydrogen bonding between the nitrogenous bases determines which amino acid will be added to the peptide chain

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