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The acronym or initials for our problem solving method is:
a) A.C.T.
b) S.O.L.V.E.
c) P.R.O.B.
d) D.E.A.L.

The second step in the problem solving method is:
a) Act on the problem.
b) Work hard.
c) Flow diagram.
d) Explore all possible solutions.

After exploring all possible solutions, you then:
a) Act on all solutions.
b) Act on the best solution.
c) Define the problem.
d) Define the solution.

In problem solving, when exploring all possible solutions:
a) Consider nothing.
b) Consider the consequences of each.
c) Dismiss poor ideas at once.
d) Let others narrow down the choices.

An example of exploring all poosible solutions in a group setting is:
a) Brainstorming.
b) Debating.
c) Hybrid diagramming.
d) Nominal group work.

The fourth step in the problem solving method is:
a) Define the problem.
b) Define the solution.
c) Explore all possible solutions.
d) Look back and evaluate.

When you look back and evaluate, it enables you to:
a) Act on all solutions.
b) Act on the best solution.
c) Make adjustments if necessary.
d) Start all over again.

What is the first step in problem solving?
a) Act on a possible solution
b) Define the problem clearly
c) Detail possible problems
d) Determine the possible solutions

It is important to follow a formal problem solving method because it:
a) Allows you to deal with problems logically.
b) Ensures that your problem will be solved.
c) Is a requiremnet of any course.
d) Reduces the difficulty of a problem

What would you do after exploring all possible solutions to a problem?
a) Act on all possible solutions
b) Act on the best solution
c) Detail the results on each solution
d) look back at the definition

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