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Reading Strategies.

What is text evidence?
a) When you send a text to your parents as evidence that you are in class
b) Evidence that you know the steps to sending a text message
c) Information that you guess is correct based on your opinion
d) Information that you get from the passage that proves your answer choice is right or wrong

if you don't understand what you've read, what should you do?
a) Skip it.
b) Read it again and look up unknown words.
c) pretend that you understand and move on
d) stare at the passage and hope understanding will come

What are you, the reader, looking for in a drama or play?
a) Persuasive arguments
b) procedures to follow
c) dialogue and stage directions
d) facts and opinions

What are you, the reader, looking for in poetry?
a) dialogue and stage directions
b) rhyme, rhythm, and/or figurative langaguae
c) facts, dates, details
d) methods of persuasion

What are you, the reader, looking for in a fiction text?
a) facts, information, details
b) dates, elements of persuasion
c) procedures, poetry, debate
d) characters, plot, setting, conflict

What are you , the reader, looking for in an expository text?
a) facts, dates, information
b) characters, plot, setting, conflict
c) myths, foktales, fantasies
d) rhyme, rhythm, figurative language

Why is it important to understand the various reading genres?
a) They help you to know the author's purpose
b) It can serve as a guide for knowing what to look for in the selection
c) Each genre has a different structure or arrangement
d) All of the above

Why is the introduction important?
a) It may give background information
b) It gives a preview of what the selection is going to be about
c) It may help you understand the main idea or central thought of the selection
d) All of the above

What strategy should you use for the title?
a) Ask - What does the title tell me about what I'm about to read?
b) Ignore - the title because it is never important
c) Explain - The title is just a group of random words
d) Use - the title to make up your own story

Why is finding text evidence important?
a) It can help you choose the correct answers
b) It can help you rule out the wrong answers
c) It can prove which answer choice is the best answer
d) all of the above

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