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What were the illegal bars that operated during Prohibition frequently called?
a) rancheros
b) speakeasies
c) saloons
d) night clubs

Who were the people who joined the Bonus Army?
a) factory workers who wanted a bonus from management
b) elderly people who wanted an improved retirement system
c) business owners who wanted loans to keep their factories open
d) veterans of WWI who needed a promised income from the government

What term best describes an activity or style that is popular for a short period of time?
a) bull market
b) fad
c) margin
d) vaudeville

"Dust Bowl", "Hoovervilles", and "bread lines" refer to what era in American history?
a) Great Depression
b) Reconstruction
c) Roaring 20's
d) Progressive Movement

What nickname was given to FDR's radio address to the nation?
a) National Public Radio
b) Fireside Chats
c) Eleanor's Hour
d) Roosevelt Report

Which of the following contributed to the stock market crash of 1929?
a) heavy government regulation of the NY Stock Exchange
b) the collapse of the German Stock Market
c) panic selling of stock
d) low interest rates

What economic term defines a period of increasing stock prices?
a) bull market
b) inflation
c) deflation
d) bear market

What happened to stock prices between 1926 and "Black Thursday"?
a) They went up
b) They went down
c) They were regulated by the government
d) They remained the same

What issue was argued in the Scopes trial?
a) civil rights
b) prayer in schools
c) teaching of evolution
d) the right to counsel

What was FDR's purpose in "packing the courts"?
a) to give the Supreme Court more power to make immediate decisions
b) to minimize the Supreme Court's opposition to his New Deal programs
c) to attempt to racially balance the Supreme Court
d) to allow the Supreme Court to more accurately represent the citizens

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