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A young woman who rebelled against traditional ways of thinking
a) nativist
b) flapper
c) bootlegger
d) expatriate

The historic period during which alcoholic beverages were banned
a) 21st Amendment
b) Alcoholism
c) Prohibition
d) Economics

A person who leaves one's country to live in a foreign land
a) flapper
b) bootlegger
c) nativist
d) expatriate

A person who smuggled or made illegal liquor
a) bootlegger
b) talkies
c) flapper
d) expatriate

What impact did the Eighteenth Amendment have on society?
a) a rising disregard for the law
b) a drop in stock prices
c) an increase in alcohol consumption
d) a drop in farm prices

Money paid regularly to people who retire
a) public works
b) pension
c) TVA
d) CCC

Government program to help the needy
a) funds
b) deals
c) pension
d) relief program

By 1932, what did most Americans think of President Hoover's efforts to end the Depression?
a) They thought he had acted slowly but effectively.
b) They thought he had given the government too much control over people's lives.
c) They thought he should have acted sooner and done more.
d) They thought he had acted quickly and effectively.

Eleanor Roosevelt called attention to women's issues during the depression by
a) proposing legislation that guaranteed equal rights for women.
b) using her position to speak out for equal rights for women.
c) encouraging women workers to strike for better pay.
d) encouraging the President to allow women to work in the CCC.

Projects funded by the government for public use
a) nativist
b) relief program
c) pension
d) public works

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