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Soil takes a very long time to form so it needs to be ___________.
a) wasted
b) conserved
c) used
d) bought

Soil is a ______. This means it is found in nature and useful to people.
a) nutrient
b) component
c) natural resource
d) human resource

The best layer for plants to grow in soil is ____________.
a) topsoil
b) subsoil
c) bedrock
d) -

________ are materials that plants and animals need to live and grow.
a) clay
b) silt
c) rock
d) nutrients

The bottom layer of soil is called ___________.
a) bedrock
b) topsoil
c) subsoil
d) humus

What three things help break down rocks (over many years) and create soil?
a) sand, humus, and silt
b) clay, dirt, and wind
c) worms, fish, and sand
d) weather, water, and living things

What are the components (things that help make it up) of soil?
a) sand, water, clay, wind
b) sand, clay, rock, silt, humus
c) water, weather, and living things
d) worms, fish, and sand

________ is decayed matter in soil. It adds nutrients to soil and is located in the topsoil.
a) humus
b) clay
c) rock
d) silt

This type of soil holds water very well and provides nutrients.
a) silt
b) sand
c) clay
d) rock

This is the type of soil that is worn down rock. It has few nutrients and does not hold water well.
a) silt
b) sand
c) humus
d) clay

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