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Which of the following was an important city in Mali?
a) Athens
b) Sahara
c) Timbuktu
d) Italy

The West African people of Mali adapted to their environment by:
a) trading on the Mediterranean Sea
b) mining gold
c) building roads
d) building ships

The word "characteristic" means:
a) different traits
b) community
c) old
d) human

What would people see if they visited the city of Timbuktu?
a) roads
b) a university library
c) a pyramid
d) the Great Wall

This important natural resource kept food from spoiling.
a) gold
b) salt
c) water
d) sun

Which of the following was a physical characteristic of ancient Mali?
a) located near the Niger River
b) located near the Mediterranean Sea
c) hills
d) mountains

Which of the following is NOT a human characteristic of ancient Mali?
a) miners
b) road builders
c) farmers
d) traders

How was history and tradition passed down from one generation to the next?
a) people wrote books in the language of Mali
b) scribes wrote history in scrolls
c) hieroglyphics
d) storytellers gave oral accounts

Which ancient empire was on the same continent as ancient Mali?
a) ancient Egypt
b) ancient Greece
c) ancient Rome
d) ancient China

What is a group of camels that travel together called?
a) caravan
b) pride
c) pack
d) flock

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