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When building a solution to a problem, it is important to test its performance because:
a) It is the first step in the problem solving method.
b) The first solution is never correct.
c) Evaluation enables you to correct or improve its performance.
d) It is the third step in the problem solving method.

In a research and development department, design techniques are:
a) Based upon other products under patent protection
b) Standard for every project.
c) Produced through evaluation and testing of ideas.
d) Developed by only one individual.

After a mechanic has clearly defined the problem with a vechicle, the next step would be to:
a) Act on a solution.
b) Explore all possible solutions
c) Evaluate the problem.
d) Determine results.

The third step in the problem solving method is:
a) Act on the best solution.
b) Explore all possible solutions.
c) Define the solution.
d) Define the problem.

Why is it critical to first clearly define the problem?
a) Allows you to brainstorm
b) Ensures you will get the right answer
c) Ensures you will do everything corredtly
d) Ensures you address the correct issue

The universal systems model is used because it is:
a) A way to set up a company.
b) The way a company is measured.
c) An attempt to simplify your view of a complex system.
d) An attempt to make things more complex.

Which is NOT part of the universal systems model?
a) Evaluation
b) Process
c) Input
d) Feedback

Which is NOT a step of the universal systems model
a) Action
b) Process
c) Input
d) Feedback

Why is it important to follow a formal problem solving method?
a) For safety
b) To guarantee the correct answer
c) To deal with problems logically
d) It is required for the course

What is the first step in the problem solving method?
a) Define the problem clearly
b) Getting something done
c) Do what seems easiest
d) Getting something done

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