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Which was NOT a physical characteristic of Ancient Rome?
a) located near the Tiber River
b) limited rich soil
c) located on hills
d) made up of many small islands

Which was NOT a human characteristic of Ancient Rome?
a) fishermen
b) road builders
c) farmers
d) traders

Which type of government did Ancient Rome have?
a) monarchy
b) representative democracy
c) direct democracy
d) communist

Which type of architecture did Ancient Romans use in their buildings?
a) columns
b) arches
c) blocks
d) pyramids

The ancient Romans adapted to their environment in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
a) farmed on hillsides
b) traded on the Mediterranean Sea
c) building aqueducts to carry water
d) mining the hillsides instead of farming them

The ancient Romans displayed all of the following art styles on their buildings except:
a) mosaics
b) paintings
c) sculptures
d) pottery

What is the name of a famous building in ancient Rome?
a) Parthenon
b) Colosseum
c) Acropolis
d) Leaning Tower of Pisa

On which continent was ancient Rome located?
a) North America
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) Africa

Which term means "the act of giving or doing something"
a) contribution
b) colosseum
c) distribution
d) acropolis

This type of art is made of tiny pieces of colored stone or tile:
a) agora
b) mosaic
c) frieze
d) fresco

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