Progressive Era Question Preview (ID: 37873)

Progressive Era.

What type of business did the Sherman Antitrust Act try to break up?
a) War Bonds
b) Trust and Monopolies
c) Social Security
d) Stock Market

What is the word used for getting the right to vote?
a) Suffrage
b) Assimilation
c) Prohibition
d) Philanthropy

Who was banned from working during the Progressive Era?
a) Women
b) Children
c) Immigrants
d) African Americans

Which Progressive reformer pushed African-Americans to form early civil rights groups?
a) Booker T Washington
b) Martin Luther King Jr
c) WEB DuBois
d) Teddy Roosevelt

Which Amendment gave women the right to vote?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 18th Amendment
c) 19th Amendment
d) 21st Amendment

Which Progressive reformer pushed African-Americans to receive vocational training?
a) Booker T Washington
b) Rosa Parks
c) WEB DuBois
d) Andrew Carnegie

Which Progressive reformer wrote a book that exposed the meat packing industry?
a) Ida B Wells
b) Jacob Riis
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Upton Sinclair

Which president was known as the Trust Buster?
a) Franklin D Roosevelt
b) Richard Nixon
c) John F Kennedy
d) Teddy Roosevelt

What type of houses offered services to immigrants to help them assimilate into their new country?
a) Tenement Apartments
b) Settlement Houses
c) Immigration Houses
d) HUD Houses

Which of the following would be an example of direct democracy?
a) Campaigning against Trump
b) Voting in a city election
c) Wearing a Hilary for President T-Shirt
d) Learning about elections in school

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