SEM II 3.01-3.02 Study Guide Question Preview (ID: 37870)

SEM II 3.01 Review.

If a goal is to avoid storing or discarding merchandise, what pricing strategy should be selected?
a) Competitive
b) Close out
c) Cost plus markup
d) Versioning

Why do sportswear stores calculate breakeven in units?
a) To identify which products they should purchase for resale
b) To find out how much profit they will earn after they breakeven
c) To identify which costs are variable and which are fixed
d) To determine how many products they must sell to breakeven

Determine the breakeven point in units using the total fixed cost, $4,000; variable cost per unit, $20; and selling price per unit, $100.
a) 50 units
b) 80 units
c) 100 units
d) 500 units

Which is a decision about place that must be made in sports and entertainment marketing?
a) Should direct mail be sent to the ticket holders of last season?
b) “Will local or national media be used?”
c) “How will fans obtain the schedule of events?”
d) “Where will ticket outlets be found?”

Rhonda is making a presentation to the chamber of commerce of a large city in anticipation of building a sports complex. What is the primary element of distribution that she should discuss with them?
a) Amenities
b) Revenues
c) Parking spaces
d) Facilities

The cable network that televises college basketball games throughout the country is performing which activity of the sports product?
a) Distributing
b) Franchising
c) Publicizing
d) Sponsoring

Expanded bandwidth is changing the face of in-home entertainment by performing which activity?
a) Eliminating the need for cable hookups
b) Allowing for delivery of the Internet through television sets
c) Improving fiber-optic cable and electrical lines
d) Creating high-definition television

What type of ticket or seating arrangement do sport venues sell to accommodate spectators who are price conscious and are willing to occupy any available seats on a first-come, first-served basis?
a) Reserved
b) General admission
c) Box
d) Aisle

One reason it is important for sports or event marketers to be able to accurately explain ticketing and seating arrangements is to help customers with which action?
a) Obtain the type of seats they want at the price they want to pay
b) Select seats that are located near concession stands
c) Purchase discount tickets from a permanent box office
d) Identify the type of sports or events that is the most appropriate

Which stadium seating arrangements are usually the least expensive tickets that fans can purchase?
a) General admission
b) Reserved
c) Luxury boxes
d) Festiva

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