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The ________ was the first space capsule to land on the Moon.
a) Apollo 13
b) Apollo 15
c) Apollo 11
d) Apollo 10

The first two men to land on the Moon's surface in the Lunar Module were _____ and _____.
a) Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin
b) Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong
c) Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin
d) Edwin Armstrong and Neil Aldrin

The first space capsule to land on the Moon launched from Cape Kennedy on ________.
a) July 16, 1969
b) July 20, 1969
c) July 16, 1970
d) July 20, 1970

The Sun is approximately __________ years old.
a) 4.3 billion
b) 4.6 billion
c) 4.6 million
d) 4.3 million

The sun is a(n) __________.
a) large-sized yellow star
b) average-sized planet
c) average-sized yellow star
d) large-sized white star

The temperature of the Sun is estimated to be __________.
a) 10,000 degrees F
b) 15,000 degrees F
c) 5,000 degrees F
d) 9,000 degrees F

The diameter of the Sun is _______ times bigger than the diameter of Earth.
a) 205
b) 4
c) 110
d) 6

It takes the Sun ________ to make one rotation.
a) 24 hours
b) 365.25 days
c) 28 days
d) 60 days

________ are dark areas on the Sun's surface that tend to rise and fall over 11 year periods.
a) flares
b) prominences
c) sunspots
d) craters

Arcs of gas that erupt from the surface of the Sun and spew large amounts of solar material into space are called ______.
a) Flares
b) Prominences
c) Sunspots
d) Craters

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