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a virtual leader
a) good but needed
b) in effect but not official
c) dedicated but not efficient
d) moral but lazy

autonomous groups
a) governed by a dictator
b) well-informed
c) self- governing
d) car owners

to collaborate on a project
a) work together
b) report regularly
c) work secretly
d) disagree completely

to transcribe
a) read through
b) to act out
c) speak clearly
d) write out

a collective opinion
a) ideal
b) group
c) organized
d) critical

to depict a situation
a) describe
b) forget
c) ignore
d) fear

reluctant people
a) unwilling
b) unknown
c) active
d) eager

to disrupt the meeting
a) call
b) end
c) leave
d) disturb

a paramount need
a) minor
b) comforting
c) supreme
d) social

functional clothing
a) comfortable
b) stylish
c) expensive
d) useful

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