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When it comes to parliamentary procedure, this type of motion alters how the main motion is treated. This must be voted on before the main motion.
a) priviledged motion
b) minor motion
c) incidental motion
d) subsidiary motion

When it comes to conducting effective meetings, if you avoid becoming defensive when someone else's ideas conflict with yours, you will be more likely to:
a) shorten the length of the meeting
b) lengthen the meeting
c) consider new ideas
d) obtain the floor

When it comes to conducting effective meetings, and you are speaking, make each person think that you are speaking:
a) from experience
b) directly to him or her
c) about an important topic
d) as an authority

When it comes to parliamentary procedure, before you can make a motion you must:
a) ask permission
b) obtain the floor
c) raise your hand
d) claim privilege

When it comes to parliamentary procedure, if no one seconds your motion, then it is considered to be
a) dead
b) on hold
c) incidental
d) defeated

In this type of learning, each student with a given group may have specific tasks for which he or she is responsible
a) nominal group
b) cooperative learning
c) brainstorming
d) modular learning

Which one of the following is among the common goals of conducting a meeting?
a) getting your idea chosen
b) political influence
c) share concerns
d) to dominate others

When it comes to parliamentary procedure, being fair to everyone through majority rules is being:
a) protective of everyone's rights
b) impartial
c) flexible
d) democratic

When it comes to parliamentary procedure, and the chair asks Is the membership ready for the question? he or she is really asking the group if they are ready to:
a) vote on a motion
b) end the meeting
c) make a motion
d) discuss an issue

The reason we use parliamentary procedure to conduct meetings is to:
a) conduct politics
b) get your ideas heard
c) run meetings effectively
d) influence people

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