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What does Mater, Matri mean?
a) mother
b) extremely small, one billionth
c) words, speech
d) father

What's the word for across?
a) Trans
b) Dict
c) Nano
d) Liver, Liber

What's the word for free?
a) Liver, Liber
b) Ethn(o)
c) Dom
d) Cred

Human, man (kind)
a) Anthrop(o)
b) A, An
c) Multi
d) Magni

Not; take away, fall away from
a) De, Dis
b) Cracy
c) Ism
d) Capit, Capt

Great, Large
a) Magni
b) Dict
c) Demo
d) De, Dis

Race, people, culture
a) Ethn(o)
b) Pater, Patri
c) Ism
d) Magni

Pater, Patri
a) father
b) government; ruled by
c) head, leader, chief
d) people

believe, believable, faith
a) Cred
b) A, An
c) Multi
d) Anarch(y)

Words, Speech
a) Log(ue), Logy
b) Pater, Patri
c) Dict
d) Nano

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