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A _________ is a tool used to measure air pressure.
a) Anemometer
b) Thermometer
c) Rain gauge
d) Barometer

When the air around us is warm, it ___________.
a) Rises
b) Sinks
c) Disappears
d) Blows away

_________ is how much moisture is in the air.
a) Rain
b) Snow
c) Humidity
d) Weather

Any form of water that falls from the atmosphere to Earth's surface is called _______.
a) Water vapor
b) Steam
c) Precipitation
d) Clouds

A _______ is used to measure the amount of rainfall or precipitation.
a) Thermometer
b) Barometer
c) Rain gauge
d) Anemometer

Which tool measures how hot or cold something is?
a) Thermometer
b) Barometer
c) Anemometer
d) Wind Vane

A front is formed when two air masses with different __________ bump into each other.
a) Temperature and humidity
b) Color and size
c) Shape and height
d) Water and color

A _______ occurs when cold air forces its way under warm air and may produce a thunderstorm.
a) High pressure
b) Low pressure
c) Cold front
d) Warm front

A _______ occurs when warm air rides over cold air then rises and cools, and may produce light rain.
a) High pressure
b) Low pressure
c) Cold front
d) Warm front

The most common type of storm in Virginia is the _________.
a) Tornado
b) Hurricane
c) Blizzard
d) Thunderstorm

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