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The blanket of air that surrounds our Earth is called the ___________.
a) Wind
b) Atmosphere
c) Moon
d) Weather

The condition of the air around us at a certain time and place is called ________.
a) Air pressure
b) Wind
c) Weather
d) Barometer

The layer of the atmosphere where weather occurs is called ____________.
a) High pressure
b) Low pressure
c) Air
d) Troposphere

Which tool would be used to measure wind speed?
a) Anemometer
b) Barometer
c) Wind vane
d) Thermometer

A meteorologist is someone who studies the ___________.
a) Oceans
b) Trees
c) Atmosphere
d) Stars

When the air around us is cool, it ___________.
a) Rises
b) Sinks
c) Disappears
d) Blows away

All around us is _________. It comes from the atmosphere and takes up space.
a) Air
b) Weather
c) Wind
d) Temperature

__________ has warm air and bring windy, rainy, and cloudy weather.
a) High pressure
b) Low pressure
c) Atmosphere
d) Trophoshere

A wind vane is used to measure ____________.
a) Wind speed
b) Wind direction
c) Air pressure
d) Temperature

___________ has cool air and brings dry and clear weather.
a) High pressure
b) Low pressure
c) Atmosphere
d) Troposphere

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