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Protective coloration (camouflage) is an example of:
a) Behavioral adaptation
b) Niche
c) Life cycle
d) Structural adaptation

A blue crab lives in the Chesapeake Bay. To this crab, the Chesapeake Bay is its:
a) Niche
b) Population
c) Community
d) Habitat

Which of the following best describes a community?
a) All bees in an area
b) All bees, birds, and bugs in an area
c) All bugs in an area
d) All birds in an area

Which choice below shows an example of human influence on an environment?
a) No rain for a long time that causes drought
b) Animals' homes destroyed because of lightning
c) Building a new home and parking lot
d) Herbivores eating all of the producers in an area and moving on

Today, which of the following would you say is responsible for endangering the greatest number of land species?
a) Hunting for food or sport
b) Cutting wildflowers in national parks
c) Accidental starting of forest fires
d) Destruction of habitats

An ecosystem is best described as:
a) The transfer of energy
b) A group of organisms, of the same species, in an area at a given time
c) An organism's job or role
d) A group of organisms, living and non-living, in an area at a given time

What is it called when animals fall into a deep sleep through the winter?
a) Hibernation
b) Adaptation
c) Pollination
d) Migration

Adaptations are:
a) Changes organisms make to survive
b) Becoming a producer
c) Having a job or role in an ecosystem
d) Eating plants and animals

An ecosystem includes:
a) Air, water, soil
b) Plants, animals
c) Air, water, soil, plants, animals
d) Rocks, minerals

Butterflies go through __________ metamorphosis, and grasshoppers go through _________ metamorphosis.
a) incomplete, complete
b) complete, incomplete
c) one, two
d) two, one

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