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The series of processes that slowly change Earth's rocks from one kind to another is called the rock____.
a) process
b) cycle
c) pathway
d) tectonics

Plate movements help drive the rock cycle by helping to form _____.
a) magma
b) deposition
c) sediments

Deep beneath the surface, _______ can change sedimentary rock to metamorphic rock.
a) moving plates
b) heat and melting
c) heat and pressure

Through the process of _______, metamorphic tock can become magma.
a) movement
b) melting
c) plate tectonics

Sediment piles up on the ocean floor through the process of ______.
a) rock cycle
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) deposition

The process that breaks down granite into sediment is called_____.
a) deposition
b) weathering
c) the rock cycle

There are _____ pathways by which rocks move through the rock cycle.
a) a few
b) no
c) many

Forces of the the rock cycle operate ______.
a) inside the Earth.
b) on Earth's surface.
c) inside the Earth and at Earth's surface.

As rock moves through the rock cycle, material is____.
a) lost
b) not lost or gained.
c) gained
d) created

The collision of _____ plates can push up a mountain range, after which weathering and erosion begins.
a) continental
b) tectonic
c) magma
d) sedimentary

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