North Carolina Regions Review Question Preview (ID: 37740)

Review Of The Regions Of NC.

Identify the 3 distinct landforms that characterize NC.
a) Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain
b) Appalachian Mountains, Piedmont Plateau, Coastal Plain
c) Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont Plateau, Coastal Plain
d) Mountains and beach

The largest mountain range in the eastern United States, stretches from Canada to northern Alabma
a) the Appalachian Mountains
b) The Great Smoky Mountains
c) The Blue Ridge Mountains
d) the Grandfather Mountains

Hilly, rolling land that borders the Coastal Plain and includes a broad flat area of high land
a) the Piedmont
b) the Appalachian Mountains
c) the Tidewater Region
d) the Coastal Plain

Low, flat to gently sloping land that extends along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
a) the Plateau
b) the Coastal Plain
c) the Piedmont
d) the Great Smoky Mountains

The largest planned research center in the US lies inside the Piedmont region of NC. What is it's name?
a) The Great Dismal Swamp
b) the Piedmont Urban Crescent
c) Research Triangle Park
d) New York City

What is the highest point in North Carolina and the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi?
a) Grandfather Mountain
b) Great Smoky Mountain
c) Mount Mitchell
d) Boone

What region of the United States is North Carolina located in?
a) midwest
b) west
c) southeast
d) northeast

What is North Carolina's State flower?
a) dogwood
b) roses
c) tulips
d) daffodil

What is the capital of North Carolina?
a) Greensboro
b) Charlotte
c) Raleigh
d) Winston-Salem

What is North Carolina's nickname?
a) the Tarheel State
b) Hillbilly Hampton
c) the Old North State
d) State of the South

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