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_______ is a part of the pistil.
a) Anther
b) Petal
c) Filament
d) Style

The ________ is the sticky part of a flower that catches pollen.
a) Anther
b) Style
c) Stigma
d) Filament

Which part of the flower makes pollen?
a) Sepal
b) Stamen
c) Pistil
d) Seed

Which plants reproduce with spores?
a) Ferns and mosses
b) Ferns and trees
c) Trees and mosses
d) Ferns and flowers

The Plant Kingdom can be divided into two main groups. These groups are:
a) big plants and little plants
b) land plants and water plants
c) plants that use photosynthesis and plants that use pollination
d) plants that produce with seeds and plants that produce with spores

One plant is placed in sunlight and one plant is placed in darkness. They are given adequate water. Which plant would you expect to be healthier?
a) the plant placed in sunlight
b) the plant placed in darkness
c) they are both likely to be healthy
d) they are both likely to be unhealthy

You pull off all the leaves on a flowering plant. What might happen to the plant?
a) It won't be able to get water from the soil.
b) It won't be able to make food.
c) It won't be able to support, or hold up, it's flowers.
d) It won't be able to get nutrients from the soil.

Plants need sunlight, _________ and _________ to go through photosynthesis.
a) oxygen, sugar
b) oxygen, carbon dioxide
c) carbon dioxide, water
d) oxygen, water

Plants produce _________ during photosynthesis.
a) sugar
b) carbon dioxide
c) water
d) sunlight

Plants release ___________ during photosynthesis.
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) sunlight
d) water

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