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Benjamin Franklin conducted a famous experiment that showed that lightning was:
a) a movement of air molecules
b) a magnetic field
c) an electrical discharge
d) a glowing chemical

A circuit is:
a) the lines of a magnetic field
b) a way to stop the flow of energy
c) a form of static electricity
d) a path that an electric current flows on

What symbols show the charges for a battery?
a) #, %
b) +, -
c) ^, !
d) =, +

In a __________ circuit, there are two or more paths on which the electric current can travel.
a) open
b) closed
c) series
d) parallel

In an open circuit, the lights on a circuit would be:
a) On
b) Off
c) Broken
d) Dim

When a bulb is removed from a __________ circuit, the remaining lights will remain on.
a) series
b) open
c) parallel
d) broken

In a ______ circuit, the lights would remain ______.
a) open, on
b) closed, on
c) closed, broken
d) dim, broken

When a bulb is removed from a __________ circuit, the remaining lights will go out.
a) series
b) open
c) broken
d) parallel

The two types of electricity are:
a) static and current
b) static and circuit
c) current and circuit
d) circuit and magnetic

Atoms can be found in:
a) people
b) water
c) food
d) all choices listed

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