May 2017 Final Exam - Geography Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 37695)

7th Grade Georgia SS Standards.

Due to the dry, harsh climate in Southwest Asia (the Middle East), which of these is necessary for large scale agriculture to take place?
a) water from underground aquifers
b) importation of water from other areas
c) creation of dams and irrigation systems
d) discovery of fossil-based water sources

This river is sacred in the Hindu religion:
a) Amazon River
b) Mekong River
c) Yellow River
d) Ganges River

What Middle Eastern country is located north of Israel?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Lebanon
c) Kuwait
d) India

Which SE Asian country would you be MOST likely to find the HIGHEST concentration of people who follow Hinduism?
a) India
b) China
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Turkey

What country is north of Pakistan and east of Iraq?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) India
c) Afghanistan
d) Vietnam

True or False: Japanese births are decreasing.
a) True
b) False

Which statement is the BEST example of human-environmental interaction in North Africa?
a) Arab conquests spread Islam into North Africa.
b) The Nile flows from south to north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
c) The construction of the Aswan Dam to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation.
d) The Sahara desert is considered a natural barrier between North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Which mountain range stretches over 1,500 miles across northern India and Nepal and is the location of the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest?
a) the Himalayas
b) the Hindu Kush
c) the Atlas Mountains
d) the Plateau of Tibet

What is the largest desert in Asia and covers parts of northern China and southern Mongolia?
a) The Takilmaken Desert
b) The Sahara Desert
c) The Gobi Desert
d) The Kalihari Desert

Which river in India begins in the Himalayan Mountains and empties into the Indian Ocean?
a) the Ganges River
b) the Mekong River
c) The Huang He River
d) The Indus River

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