May 2017 Final Exam - Geography Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 37694)

Georgia 7th Grade SS Geography Standards.

How does climate affect economic development in SE Asia?
a) The climate in SE Asia is not hospitable for widespread agriculture; this is why many people there are starving and poor.
b) The climate in SE Asia is inhospitable for widespread agriculture; this is why many people only work in technology jobs.
c) The climate in SE Asia is hot; this is why many Asian countries (especially coastal areas) are trying to attract tourists.
d) The climate in SE Asia made widespread agriculture possible; this led to becoming economically dependent on agriculture.

Which factor MOST LIKELY influenced the early settlement of Baghdad, Mosul, and Samarra?
a) their close proximity to the Tigris River
b) their distance from the border between Iraq and Iran
c) their distance from the border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia
d) the fact that they are considered holy sites in the Islamic faith

When one describes Christianity as monotheistic they mean;
a) that Christians have many Gods.
b) that Christians believe in one God.
c) that Christians believe in one country.
d) that Christians believe in only one Savior.

Which of these would have the GREATEST impact on the daily lives of people in the country of Jordan?
a) value of oil exports
b) apartheid within society
c) irrigation conflicts with Israel
d) rivalries between Hutus and Tutsis

Based on its location, why might Tripoli have the greatest need to address its access to groundwater?
a) It is the largest city in the Middle East.
b) Tripoli is located along the Mediterranean Sea.
c) Tripoli is the home to millions of devout Muslims.
d) It is located far from a major river or major desalinization plant.

Giving to charity, making a pilgrimage, fasting during the holy month, and praying five times a day are requirements of what religion?
a) Shinto
b) Islam
c) Hinduism
d) Judaism

What nation contains both the Ganges and Indus rivers?
a) China
b) Indonesia
c) India
d) Vietnam

Which of these is NOT considered to be part of the Middle East geographic region?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Turkey
d) Pakistan

Which country would you be MOST likely to find the HIGHEST concentration of people who follow Buddhism?
a) India
b) Saudia Arabia
c) China
d) Turkey

How is the distribution of the cities in Saudi Arabia a reflection of its geography?
a) The cities are located near oil wells.
b) The interior of the country has few river sources.
c) Without access to a coastline, the cities are located near the interior.
d) The major cities are located near the Iraq border for access to water sources.

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